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Mining Site Redevelopment

EPA has prepared Mine Site Cleanup for Brownfields Redevelopment: A Three-Part Primer to provide information about approaches that have been used for redevelopment of mining sites. It provides an overview of mining site redevelopment, as well as new and innovative approaches, such as the Triad approach, to more efficiently characterize and cleanup those sites. New and innovative approaches to streamline characterization and remediation of mining sites offers stakeholders the potential for redevelopment at a lower cost and within a shorter timeframe. The primer is available in three parts:

  • Part 1 – Overview, summarizes the basic issues surrounding mine site cleanup for brownfields redevelopment, including innovative characterization and remediation approaches.
  • Part 2 – Coal Mine Sites, includes detailed technical information about the characterization, remediation, and redevelopment of coal mine sites, focusing on sites in the Eastern United States. It is intended for those with an interest in and knowledge of the technical details of redevelopment of mine sites.
  • Part 3 – Hard Rock Mine Sites, contains detailed technical information about the characterization, remediation, and redevelopment of hard rock mine sites. It is designed for an audience with knowledge of and interest in the technical aspects of hard rock mine redevelopment.

Many of the resources cited in this primer, and other relevant resources about redevelopment of mining sites, are provided below.

EPA Resources
Title EPA Number, Date, Size

EPA 910-B-00-001, August 2000, 408 pages-PDF

October 2003, 52 pages-PDF

EPA 560-F-04-252, September 2004, 4 pages-PDF

EPA 600-R-99-007, February 1999, 299 pages-PDF

EPA 903-K-97-003, September 1997, 114 pages-PDF

February 2005, 7 pages-PDF

EPA 310-R-95-008, September 1995, 137 pages-PDF



EPA 832-R-00-009, July 2000, 6 pages-PDF
Non-EPA Resources
Title Source, Date, Size

University of Washington, Not Dated, 26 pages-PDF


Comp, Dr. Allan, June 2001, 41 pages-PDF

U.S. Geological Survey, 2000, 34 pages-PDF


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