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Directory of Technical Assistance for Land Revitalization

List of Acronyms


AAPA American Association of Port Authorities
AMD Acid Mine Drainage
AML Abandoned Mine Land
ASTSWMO Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials
ATSDR Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
BART Bay Area Rapid Transit
BEDI Brownfields Economic Development Initiative
BMBF German Ministry for Education and Research
BRAC Base Realignment and Closure
BTSC Brownfields Technology Support Center
CDBG Community Development Block Grant
CERCLA Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act
CLU-IN Harzardous Waste Clean-up Information
CPD Coastal Programs Division
CSBG Community Service Block Grants
CZMP Coastal Zone Management Program
DHHS U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
DOC U.S. Department of Commerce
DoD U.S. Department of Defense
DOE U.S. Department of Energy
DOI U.S. Department of the Interior
DOJ U.S. Department of Justice
DOL U.S. Department of Labor
DOT U.S. Department of Transportation
DQO Data Quality Objective

EDA Economic Development Administration
EFC Environmental Finance Center
EM Office of Environmental Management
EM-11 Office of Intergovernmental and Public Accountability
EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
ERT Environmental Response Team
ERDC-CERL U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
ERDC-WES U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Environmental Lab at Waterways Experiment Station
ETSC Engineering Technical Support Center
FBAA Federal Brownfields Action Agenda
FHWA Federal Highway Administration
FLP Federal Lands to Parks
FTA Federal Transit Administration
FUDS Formerly Used Defense Sites
GAO Government Accounting Office
GIS Geographic Information Systems
GPRA Government Performance and Results Act
GSA U.S. General Services Administration
GWRTAC Groundwater Remediation Technologies Analysis Center
HSRC Hazardous Substance Research Center
HSTL Hazardous Substances Technical Liaison
HTRW Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste Center of Expertise
HUD U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
ICMA International City/County Management Association
IERA Institute for Engineering Research Applications
ITRC Interstate Technology Regulatory Council

LRPCD Land Remediation and Pollution Control Division
LUST Leaking Underground Storage Tank
LWCF Land Water Conservation Fund
MARAD Tech Survey Maritime Administration
MHSRC Midwest Hazardous Substance Research Center
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
NEA National Endowment for the Arts
NEPA National Environmental Policy Act
NERL National Exposure Research Laboratory
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NPL National Priorities List
NPS National Park Service
NRMRL National Risk Management Research Laboratory

OBCR Office of Brownfields Cleanup and Redevelopment
OCRM Ocean and Coastal Resource Management
OEA Office of Economic Adjustment
OPSP Open Project Selection Process
ORD Office of Research and Development
OSC On-Scene Coordinator
OSM Office of Surface Mining
OSRTI Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation
OSWER Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response
OUA Office of Urban Affairs
OUST Office of Underground Storage Tanks
POC Point of Contact
PRP Potentially Responsible Party
QAPP Quality Assurance Project Plan
RARE Regional Applied Research Effort
RCRA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
RMRHSRC Rocky Mountain Regional Hazardous Substance Research Center
RPM Remedial Project Manager
RTCA Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program
SAP Sampling and Analysis Plan
SBAP Small Business Assistance Program
SCORP State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan
SEP Supplemental Environmental Projects
SITE Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation Program
SMART Site-Specific Management Approach and Redevelopment Tools
SPRD Subsurface Protection and Remediation Division
SRI Superfund Redevelopment Initiative
S&SW South and Southwest
STSC Superfund Technical Support Center

TAB Technical Assistance to Brownfield Communities Program
TATT Technical Assistance and Technology Transfer Branch
TBA Targeted Brownfields Assessment
TIO Technology Innovation Office
TOSC Technical Outreach Services to Communities Program
TOSNAC Technical Outreach Services to Native American Communities Program
TSC Technical Support Center
TSCA Toxic Substances Control Act
TSE Targeted Site Efforts
TSP Technical Support Project
TTAT Technical Assistance and Technology Transfer
TTSD Technology Transfer and Support Division
UBA German Federal Office of the Environment
UPARR Urban Park and Recreation Recovery Program
URP Urban Resources Partnership
USACE U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture
UST Underground Storage Tank
VISTA Volunteers in Services to America
VOC Volatile Organic Compound
WRHSRC Western Region Hazardous Substance Research Center

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