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Directory of Technical Assistance for Land Revitalization

Appendix C. Other EPA Resources for Technical Support and Funding

Office of Chief Financial Officer Environmental Finance Centers and Contacts

The Environmental Finance Centers (EFC) provide state and local officials and small businesses with advisory services; education, publications, and training; technical assistance; and analyses on financing alternatives. The EFC network currently includes: the University of Southern Maine, Syracuse University, University of Maryland, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Louisville, Great Lakes EFC at Cleveland State University, New Mexico Tech, California State University at Hayward, and Boise State University. These centers have proven effective vehicles for promoting innovative environmental financing techniques. While EPA provides seed funding for EFC start-up operations, financial independence of the centers is a major objective. To obtain addition information concerning the EFCs, visit their website at http://www.epa.gov/efinpage/efc.htm#intro.

Region Address EFC Contact
1 Environmental Finance Center
University of Southern Maine
Edmund S. Muskie, School of Public Service
96 Falmouth St.
PO Box 9300
Portland, ME 04104-9300
Richard Barringer, Ph.D.,
tel: (207) 780-4418
fax: (207) 780-4417
e-mail: barringer@usm.maine.edu
2 Environmental Finance Center
Syracuse University
Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs
219 Maxwell Hall
Syracuse, NY 13244-1090
Kimberly Farrell,
206 Maxwell Hall
tel: (315) 443-9438
fax: (315) 443-5330
e-mail: wjsulliv@maxwell.syr.edu
3 Environmental Finance Center
University of Maryland
Maryland Sea Grant College
4321 Hartwick Road #300
College Park, MD 20740
Dr. Jack Greer,
tel: (301) 403-4220 ext. 18
fax: (301) 403-4255
e-mail: greer@mdsg.umd.edu
4 Environmental Finance Center
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Institute of Government
CB #3330 Knapp Building
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3330
Prof. Richard Whisnant,
Director of EFC@UNC
tel: (919) 966-5381
fax: (919) 962-0654
e-mail: richard_whisnant@unc.edu
4 Environmental Finance Center
University of Louisville
426 W. Bloom Street
Louisville, KY 40208
e-mail: pbmeyer@louisville.edu
Peter B. Meyer, Ph.D.,
tel: (502) 852-8032
fax: (502) 852-4558
e-mail: pbmeyer@louisville.edu
5 Environmental Finance Center
Cleveland State University
Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs
1717 Euclid Avenue, #120
Cleveland, OH 44115
Kevin O'Brien,
tel: (216) 687-4649
fax: (216) 687-9277
e-mail: kobrlc@ix.netcom.com
6 Environmental Finance Center
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
The Institute for Engineering Research and Applications (IERA)
901 University Blvd., SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106-4339
Heather Himmelberger, P.E., Director
tel: (505) 272-7357
fax: (505) 272-7203
e-mail: heatherh@iera.nmt.edu
9 Environmental Finance Center IX
Building 7, Alameda Point
851 West Midway Avenue
Alameda, CA 94501
Sarah Diefendorf,
tel: (510) 749-6867
fax: (510) 749-6862
e-mail: diefendorf@greenstart.org
10 Environmental Finance Center
Boise State University
1910 University Drive
Boise, Idaho 83725
Bill Jarocki, Director
tel: (208) 426-4293
fax: (208) 426-3967
e-mail: bjarock@boisestate.edu

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