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Directory of Technical Assistance for Land Revitalization

Section Number: 11.0 
Organization Name: Brownfields Redevelopment Initiative 
Background: In 1997, the GSA launched the Brownfields Redevelopment Initiative to identify and redeploy unused federal properties. With thousands of federal properties located throughout the country, GSA is partnering with communities to ensure that unused federal properties are an active component in the redevelopment of our nation's urban centers. Through a partnership between GSA and the community, the properties can be reused to bolster local revitalization efforts. The Partnership is focused on GSA's exchange of information on brownfields-related matters with various municipalities and federal agencies. In addition, GSA has entered a MOU with EPA to jointly promote economic development, community revitalization, and brownfields redevelopment. Reusing federal real property makes efficient use of existing infrastructure while providing an alternative to developing open space and contributing to urban sprawl. 
Location: General Services Administration
Office of Property Disposal
Washington, D.C. 
Relevancy to Revitalization: GSA works with the local communities to determine how federal properties can support revitalization targeted to all brownfields community stakeholders. 
Specialty Areas: GSA provides technical support through the use of GIS to analyze information and consider various factors that impact urban redevelopment for underutilized federal properties. 
General Services Offered:
  • Community involvement
  • Partnering
  • Technology support 
  • Type of Funding Available: Funding and grants are not available through GSA 
    Eligibility: All municipalities and federal agencies are eligible for technical support  
    Process for Requesting Assistance: Contact John Q. Martin at GSA (see below) 
    Homepage: http://www.gsa.gov

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    Success Stories:
    GSA is currently working on various redevelopment activities at 39 federal brownfields sites in multiple cities and communities. The brownfields project locations were chosen based upon existing partnerships among federal, state, and local organizations already working to better the economic and social well-being of these communities. 

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