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Directory of Technical Assistance for Land Revitalization

Summary of Technical Support Services

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Name of Organization Type of Services Provided Additional Information
EPA Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER)
Brownfields Technology Support Center bullet bullet bullet bullet bullet bullet     Innovative technologies and smarter solutions; implementation of Triad approach to the use of systematic planning, dynamic work plans, and fields analytics
Engineering, Groundwater, and Federal Facilities Forums bullet bullet bullet     bullet     Engineering, groundwater, and federal facilities remediation issues at Superfund and RCRA sites
Superfund Redevelopment Initiative           bullet bullet bullet Redevelopment of Superfund sites
Office of Brownfields Cleanup and Redevelopment         bullet     bullet Redevelopment of brownfields sites
Land Revitalization Initiative bullet   bullet bullet bullet     bullet Reuse Coordinators and Teams in each of the 10 regions ensure coordination among the cleanup programs in implementing the Land Revitalization Agenda
RCRA Brownfields Prevention Initiative bullet   bullet bullet         Redevelopment of RCRA sites
USTfields     bullet       bullet bullet Redevelopment of UST sites
Environmental Response Team bullet     bullet   bullet bullet   Bioremediation and oil spill response; reclamation; phytoremediation; ecological risk assessment; eco-technology efficacy evaluation; and environmental assessments
EPA Regional Brownfields Teams     bullet   bullet bullet bullet bullet Site characterization, development of remedial strategies, and innovative technologies
EPA Office of Research and Development (ORD)
National Risk Management Research Laboratory, the Engineering Technical Support Center - Cincinnati, Ohio bullet bullet bullet bullet   bullet bullet   Site-specific technical support, remedial technology research, engineering and treatment options
Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation Program     bullet bullet       bullet Site-specific technical support, research on remedial technologies including demonstrations, assistance on sampling and analysis plans (SAP) and quality assurance project plans (QAPP), technical issue papers and engineering bulletins, and engineering and treatment options
German Bi-lateral Agreement/SMART Guidance   bullet       bullet     Identifying, assessing, and using innovative strategies, technologies, and best management practices for redevelopment of Brownfield sites
National Risk Management Research Laboratory, Technology Transfer and Support Division - Cincinnati, Ohio     bullet   bullet       Watershed management, ecosystem restoration, drinking water treatment, hazardous waste remediation, brownfields sustainability, risk communication, and pollution prevention
National Risk Management Research Laboratory Subsurface Protection and Remediation Division (SPRD) - Ada, Oklahoma bullet bullet bullet bullet bullet   bullet   Groundwater and vadose zone contaminant fate and transport; subsurface modeling, remediation technologies, hydrology/geology, and ecosystem restoration
National Exposure Research Laboratory - Las Vegas, Nevada bullet     bullet     bullet   Site-specific technical support for various site characterization and monitoring technologies
EPA Hazardous Substance Research Centers (HSRC)
Center for Hazardous Substances in Urban Environments

Midwest Region

Rocky Mountain Region

South/Southwest Regions

Western Region
bullet bullet bullet   bullet bullet bullet   Hazardous & solid waste engineering, site characterization & remediation, environmental monitoring, remediation technologies, environmental risk assessment, brownfields assessment and information system, environmental engineering, field analysis, land use planning, sustainable development, environmental law, and economic development, investigation and cleanup of contaminated properties, bioremediation of chlorinated solvents in groundwater, conference and planning, meeting facilitation, public health implications of environmental contamination
Forest Service, Urban Resources Partnership     bullet   bullet     bullet Urban areas, local outreach
Economic Development Administration bullet           bullet bullet Redevelopment of abandoned industrial and commercial facilities and land; assisting communities with economic recovery from specific industry and/or natural disasters; planning, feasibility assessment, and implementation of eco-industrial development models; advancing regional market-based cluster development strategies; and supporting community and faith-based social entrepreneurship in redevelopment strategies for areas of chronic economic distress
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Coastal Zone Management Program     bullet   bullet       Community development, coastal conservation, coastal resource management, land use planning, scientific expertise
Office of Economic Adjustment           bullet bullet bullet Planning reuse of closed military bases
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers bullet bullet bullet   bullet bullet bullet   Urban watersheds, revitalization of infrastructure, water supply, environmental restoration, cleanup of hazardous waste, and flood control
Office of Environmental Management, Office of Intergovernmental and Public Accountability         bullet     bullet Training workshops, technical assistance, and assisting in the preparation of brownfields pilot applications
Argonne National Laboratory bullet         bullet bullet   Expedited site characterization and adaptive sampling and analysis programs; Triad and related decision support tools for assisting brownfields and other cleanup activities; technology connection assistance in the selection, evaluation, and implementation of investigation and clean technologies
Office of Community Services             bullet bullet Assist community development corporations and community action agencies in leveraging existing federal, state and local resources for neighborhood revitalization activities Provide financial and technical resources to state, local, public and private agencies for economic development and related social service support activities
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry             bullet bullet Exposure assessment, applied toxicological research
National Park Service             bullet bullet Continuing to support the Groundwork USA network, establishing additional pilots around the country as EPA funding permits, and linking Brownfield Pilots activities with NPS activities (assistance through RTCA, and FLP) to create more attractive and sustainable communities
Office of Surface Mining bullet bullet bullet bullet bullet bullet bullet bullet Environmental concerns at mining sites, coalfields, and contaminated watersheds associated with such sites
Community Development Block Grant Program, Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program               bullet Provides communities with a source of financing for economic development, housing rehabilitation, public facilities, and large-scale physical development projects
Brownfields Economic Development Initiative               bullet Land writedowns, site remediation costs, funding reserves, over-collateralizing the Section 108 Loan, direct enhancement of the security of the Section 108 Loan, provisions of financing to For-Profit Businesses at a below market interest rate
Federal Highway Administration bullet bullet bullet   bullet   bullet bullet Encouragement for states to consider the reciprocal impacts of transportation on brownfields revitalization from an environmental and economic development perspective, including impacts to communities and quality of life
Federal Transit Administration     bullet     bullet   bullet Guidance for metropolitan planning organizations and transit agencies to help meet transportation needs
Maritime Administration bullet bullet       bullet     Engineering reviews, environmental impact statement review
U.S. General Services Administration, Brownfields Redevelopment Initiative     bullet     bullet     Technical support through the use of geographic information systems (GIS) to analyze information and consider various factors that impact urban redevelopment for underutilized federal properties

Table 2. Summary of Funding and Other Support Services

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